Through My Fingers

"For a moment in time,

There was an

Explosion of color

In my sunless sky –

A burst of light

That filled my soul…

And then,

Like you,

It slipped only

Faster through my hands 

The more I

Tried to hold on.”

From my poem, “Through My Fingers”.


Random dude: "Hey, I'd really like to take violin lessons! Where, when, and how much?"
Me: "I'm usually flexible about where and when, my hourly rate is $40."
RD: "Um... I can't afford that. Do you have a monthly payment plan, or could you charge less?"
Me: ( %^&*()^%^U%$##&*@#$ ............???? ) "We could have a lesson every other week if that helps..."
RD: "Thanks but that doesn't help much... maybe if you charge half that and then we do every other week...?"
Me: "Wish I could help, but especially with gas expenses, I really can't charge less. Best of luck!"
(Yeah. Good luck finding someone who actually knows what the f*** they're doing with the violin who will take $20 every other week. I'm going to forget we ever talked...........)
Seriously: Would you ever haggle with your plumber or your electrician?? Then STOP haggling with musicians!! We who actually know what we're doing have gone through more years of training than EITHER of those professions COMBINED. We practice hours a day - and NOT so you can tell us we charge too much for an hour of our time, expertise, concentration, and/or actual performing!

Poor Stewards

You know, it really bothers me when people don’t take care of what they have.  Our neighbors have a barn across the street which is literally falling down (and falling apart) because it has been neglected as long as they’ve owned the property (which is longer than I’ve been alive).  It’s an eyesore.  I hate looking at it.  They own a gravel pit that has made them rich, and yet they live in trailers and their barn is falling down.  It’s disgusting to me.  Looking at it is a reminder that the human race is full of rot and decay.

The same goes for people and their health.  They don’t exercise, they don’t eat right, and then they take every prescription med in the book…. nevermind that preventative medicine is the best kind.  But no, that requires WORK.  It’s easier just to eat meat, processed foods, and every form of added sugar and fat.  It’s easier to sit around and not exercise.

Some days I’m just sick of the human race.

Things I Don’t Understand…

Let’s start what’s bound to be a series of posts with:

People who are bored.  I’ve never understood this.  I mean… how can anyone be bored?  Even when I don’t have violin practicing to do, I have friends I want to email, call or hang out with; books to read; music to listen to; sudoku puzzles to solve; dreams and goals to write down and brainstorm; new life skills to learn (cooking, swimming, riding a bike - this is a huge list I could make!); pictures to take; pets to play with; places to explore; errands to be run; bills to be paid; gigs to be played so I can pay said bills (i.e. “work”); shopping; driving; vacations; business trips; I can even spend hours on YouTube or Pinterest.  (And if I’m REALLY daring, I can spend hours on YouTube and Pinterest, at the SAME TIME.)

Seriously, how can you be bored??  This is inconceivable to me.  The world has plenty of problems - get up off your lazy, uncreative ass and fix one of them already!

Hahaha!  Oh snap.  The human race is pretty sure I need to procreate, and I’m pretty sure the human race needs to just bug off already…  = P

Hahaha!  Oh snap.  The human race is pretty sure I need to procreate, and I’m pretty sure the human race needs to just bug off already…  = P

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