… yet

Yes I’ve thought about dating guys who look like younger versions of Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans.

No, it’s never worked out for me.

New research shows Pro-life people only have sex to procreate, have really boring sex lives.



More at 10. 

is this at all surprising?

The whole natural family planning thing bothers me, anyway.  The implication that sex should only be had at certain times, MAYBE, especially when you’re married??  Um, I’m sorry.  No.  I don’t know about the rest of the world, but part of being married should be having sex whenever both partners consent to it; not so everyone else can tell us when to have sex, and/or then tell me to pop out babies like my life has no other purpose.

This “sex only at certain times of the month (maybe) or else sex to procreate” gives Christians a bad name.  God gave us sex just like He gave us contraception; please use them both wisely.

I’m a musician and…

I really hate it when people ask me to play shows for free, even when they’re local.  No, Especially when they’re local.  They, of all people, should know how many hours it’s taken me to master this instrument, how much education I’ve gotten, and the work one show requires.  This is not me trying to say I’m the best thing since sliced bread; it’s just a matter of respect.